Keratosis Pilaris In Children

Keratosis Pilaris In Children

Keratosis Pilaris In ChildrenDespite its unsightly appearance, keratosis pilaris in children (KP) poses no medical threat and does not cause permanent damage to their skin. Although KP has no permanent cure, various remedies can help alleviate its symptoms and control your child’s skin condition.

Keratosis Pilaris Causes In Children

Most cases of keratosis pilaris in children are hereditary as opposed to lack of proper skin care. Chances are if either parent has this condition, one or more of their children will inherit the gene and follow suit. Although KP can show up in infancy, most children begin to display symptoms as they grow older, especially during the time of puberty when hormones change.

However, not all symptoms of dry, red, or bumpy skin should be attributed to keratosis pilaris. Your child’s skin may instead be reacting to a food, plant, or other type of allergy, producing rash-like symptoms similar to those of KP. A qualified doctor or dermatologist can provide you with a correct diagnosis of this skin disorder as well as offer advice on how to treat your child’s affected skin.

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Keratosis Pilaris Treatment For Children

Children with mild cases may not need any treatment at all. Kids who suffer from severe symptoms can find relief through a number of skin care products specifically designed for KP or similar skin irritations. If your child is an infant or toddler, it is best to consult your doctor or pediatrician before beginning any KP skin treatments.

With that said, consider the following treatments and remedies for your child’s keratosis pilaris:

  • Apply moisturizer or lubricant to your child’s skin regularly to ease dryness
  • Apply a topical cream or lotion to your child’s skin to alleviate redness and bumps
  • Use a mild scrub or peeling agent when bathing to get rid of dead skin cells and open clogged pores to reduce redness, dryness, and bumps on your child’s skin

The following products have been shown to improve KP and provide temporary relief of its symptoms:

  • DERMAdoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Moisturizing Therapy for Dry Skin
  • Khepra Skin Therapy Crème
  • The KIDS So So Soft Body Lotion
  • DERMAdoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Body Scrub

Keratosis Pilaris Diet For Children

Maintaining a healthy diet can also help to reduce KP symptoms and enhance the condition of your child’s skin. Parents should replace processed, oily, and sugary foods in their child’s diet with fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins that improve skin tone and the overall quality of skin. Natural foods contain the nutrients children need to fight skin infections and promote healthy, more attractive skin.

Keratosis Pilaris In Children Causing Low Self-Esteem

Keratosis pilaris in kids may cause them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed when around other children due to the unsightly appearance of their skin. Although KP skin treatments offer no permanent cure, they can help improve your child’s skin condition, helping him or her feel more comfortable in the company of friends while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.


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  1. The medicine you use to exfoliate your skin may also contain a moisturizer, which can help with the itch and dryness.

  2. Ha Ha! I am intolerant to a lot of foods and I do not have a large itnistene so that definitely doesn’t help the situation, lol! My brother was just diagnosed Celiac and he has cut all of those foods out and is feeling WORLDS better. It’s shocking for him to say this too because he is OBSESSED with bread, pasta, etc But the rice breads, pastas, etc are according to him not too bad!!

  3. Thanks for all the great tips. While keratosis pilaris in children is not actually harmful, it’s embarrassing. Especially since it begins to get worse at puberty – an age when young adults are the most self conscious. The good part about this disease is that it tends to recede with age. Following the suggestions here would certainly help reduce the symptoms.

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