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Hi, my name is Lily and I used to be a long time sufferer of keratosis pilaris; I had the bumps on skin and all the other things that come with it.

“It was embarrassing and frustrating at the same time.”

Nothing worked and I felt like I was wasting money on dermatologists to pay for relief that I wasn’t getting.

Then one day I found some useful home remedies for keratosis pilaris and they happened to work so well, I wanted to share my success with other KP sufferers.

I didn’t know what keratosis pilaris was when I was first diagnosed and I thought that I should make it my mission to provide others with the information they needed to help them find the best course of treatment for themselves.

Some of the information contained on our site won’t be found anywhere else.


What Causes the KP Issue to begin with?!

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In addition to informational articles, our dedicated team of writers researches and reviews some of the top home remedies for keratosis pilaris regularly.

We know what works and what doesn’t and we review every remedy and supplement we come across to ensure our readers are successful at feeling better and getting rid of this skin disorder once and for all.

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I did not get KP until I was 40! ​I had bumps and redness ​all over my arms. I ​was ​frustrated because I was constantly itchy and uncomfortable. This here made it go away fast!

Shane, High-school Teacher

My Keratosis Pilaris started showing up after a virus infection. I had it all over my upper arms and it was really itchy. This here actually helped getting rid of it​, thank you!

Jane, ​Registered Nurse

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